HILATURAS PERIO, registered in the Register of Patents and Trademarks, began its activity in 1983 and became a Limited Company in 1990. Directed by Pedro Salmerón Sánchez has always had clear objectives in mind: Quality both in the product and in the service and an exquisite and respectful treatment to the client.

Its market has been increased both nationally and internationally, with the collaboration of its representatives, with a significant portfolio of loyal customers throughout the entire business career of HILATURAS PERIO, S.L. So much so that it has remained as a supplier company to new successor clients of many others who by age transferred their respective businesses to these.

Currently, HILATURAS PERIO, S.L., has facilities of 1500 m2 and updated machinery to achieve a better presentation and development of their products, and also has a team of qualified people to meet the demands and information required by their customers, taking your suggestions into account with the aim of customer satisfaction.

The future successors of the company carry out works of all kinds within it to acquire the knowledge and experience necessary to maintain the entrepreneurial spirit that characterizes HILATURAS PERIO, S.L.